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About the Coalition

The Coalition for Financial Security's mission is to educate policymakers, financial providers, and the public about the lack of financial security among millions of hard-working Americans, and help determine and advocate for effective solutions.

There is a very serious gap between Americans who have the knowledge and resources needed to enjoy the benefits of banking products, life insurance and mutual funds, and those who may have savings but are unable to utilize the financial tools that will help them invest for the future and improve their lives.

Our goal is to explore effective solutions that will bridge this gap so that more hard-working Americans will learn about and secure the financial knowledge and tools that have become an important part of achieving the American dream. By examining why many Americans may be unaware of the need for such tools, and why others choose not to utilize them, we hope to find answers that will help more Americans get ahead.

In December 2005, the Coalition for Financial Security released a poll with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) that highlighted some of the sources of financial insecurity. The poll revealed a very serious knowledge gap and a savings gap among Americans who have the finances to save but do not know how to utilize financial tools and do not have contact with financial professionals who can help educate them.

Given the pollís findings, the Coalitionís focus is on two areas:

  • Exploring effective public policy solutions to increase financial literacy
  • Promoting public and private-sector policies that will help put more financial professionals in contact with hard-working Americans